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CREATION Health is a revolutionary approach to health and wellness that uses the acronym “CREATION” to highlight eight principles of whole-person health that can foster a more abundant life.


Choice is the first step toward improved health because people who believe they are in control over their own lives are healthier and live longer.


Rest is good sleep and also taking time to relax. Relaxation lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.


Environment is our external world but also affects what happens within us for the better or worst.


Activity includes physical and mental conditioning. Our goal is to be active in mind, body and spirit.

Trust in God

Trust in God speaks to the relationship between spirituality and healing. A link exists between faith and wellness.

Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal Relationships strengthen our well-being. Social connection fortifies our resolve and improves our health.


Outlook creates our reality. Our mind influences our body and our attitude impacts our health.


Nutrition is the fuel that drives the whole system. Small improvements and strategic substitutions produce profound results.

What do you get with this kit?

Lifestyle Program

This course has all the information our program offers in a format that’s perfect for studying at home. It includes the Seminar Personal Study Guide and Online Training with 9 video lessons.
  • Personalized training allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • Personal Study Guide includes self-assessment tests, skill builders with questions, and tips to inspire success.
  • Online video lessons allow you to study on multiple devices, at home or on the go.
  • Ideal for individuals who want to learn how to live the CREATION Health lifestyle.

Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide includes a complete set of Seminar Outlines, uniquely designed Teaching Tips and Tools, as well as eight PowerPoint presentations complete with presenter view notes, video inserts and talking points for the eight lessons.

Personal Study Guide

This essential study companion contains 310 colorful pages of health articles, stories, scientific studies, tips for success, group activities, homework, self-assessment tests, and skill builders with questions so students can take notes and follow along.

*Students are encouraged to purchase their own copy prior to seminar, or you may order additional copies and cover the cost in your class registration fees.

DVD Series

Nine-part DVD series featuring CREATION Health authors and speakers Des Cummings, Jr., PhD, (ordained Minister and co-author of CREATION Health Discovery and Original Love); Monica Reed, MD, (physician and author of CREATION Health Breakthrough); Winnie King, MD, (physician and host of PBS’ Keeping Kids Healthy and two Lifetime Shows – Speaking of Women’s Health and Good Health with Dr. Winnie King); George Guthrie, MD, (family practice physician and nationally recognized health and wellness lifestyle expert); and host Nancy Stafford (international speaker, author and actress).

Small Group Kit

This kit is a follow-up life group program with an eight-part curriculum, Small Group Leader Guide and Small Group Discussion Guide.
The Small Group Discussion Guide is essential for students taking the follow-up workshops to the CREATION Health Seminar. It includes eight lessons, personal goal trackers, and homework assignments that help reinforce life changes for personal growth.


The small Group Leader’s Guide gives you effective strategies to strengthen behavioral changes and build relationships among small groups.

CREATION Health Discovery

CREATION Health Discovery takes the 8 essential principles of CREATION Health and melds them together to form the blueprint for the health we yearn for and the life we are intended to live.

About the authors: Des Cummings, Jr, PhD, is the Executive Vice President of Business Development for the Florida Division of the Adventist Health System. In this role he gives leadership to the mission, planning, marketing, new business development, and foundation for the 17 Florida Hospitals. Monica Reed, MD, is the CEO of Florida Hospital Celebration Health and previous senior medical officer, overseeing the administrative relationship between the hospital and its 2,000 physicians. She is also the author of “CREATION Health Breakthrough: 8 Essentials to Revolutionize Your Health Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.”

CREATION Health Tote Bag

This bright and cheerful tote bag is a great way to bring your CREATION Health materials to and from the classroom.

Listen to how one pastor used CREATION Health to engage his community and transform his church…

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Do you feel called to lead your own health ministry? CREATION Health is for anybody who has a desire to reach others and help change lives. Are you in a position of leadership? CREATION Health can be used in a variety of settings. Even as you read this people like yourself are impacting thousands of lives across the globe. Whether you are teaching 5 people or 5,000… we can help you make a difference!


Results vary. Exercise and proper diet as recommended in the CREATION Health program are necessary to achieve maximum results.
Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning this or any exercise program and nutrition plan.
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